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So We & Our Children May Live

Sarah Augustine & Sheri Hostetler

My friend Sarah Augustine and I are publishing a book together in October 2023.. We believe that climate change is just a symptom of a larger ecological crisis and that the solutions to this crisis will not come through the same systems that created the crisis in the first place. “Green growth” and electric vehicles will not get us there. We make the case that ecological justice (and, I would say, survival) requires that we challenge our assumptions about creation and our relationship to it. It requires, in short, decolonization.  

Frankly, I find our book incredibly hopeful. But to get to the hope, we have to get to the truth because the truth really will set us free. Let’s together choose life!

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The Land is Not Empty

Sarah Augustine

In her first book, published in 2021, Sarah Augustine unpacks the harm of the Doctrine of Discovery through the lens of her own experience as an Indigenous woman, through living on the Yakama reservation in Washington, and through her decades-long advocacy for Indigenous people around the globe. It is a book that will transform how you view the world and inspire you to collective action on behalf of Indigenous people and the planet. I believe that the same systems of death that are poisoning the bodies of Indigenous people and taking their land are coming for all of us. Sarah unveils these systems and talks about how we can dismantle them. I am honored to have helped bring this book into the world by contributing to its writing and editing and hours of conversation with my dear friend.

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