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This is a sampling of some of my favorite writing from across different genres: poetry, book reviews, and essays both personal and academic.



"Along the Way," Arizona Highways, July 1991.

"In Virginia's Room," Center for Women and Religion, June 1995.


"Models of the Mennonite Religious Imagination in Rudy Wiebe's 'Mennonite' Novels," Journal of Mennonite Studies, 1994.

"Holy Spirit Visits Sewing Circle, Women Say" (humor), Women's Concerns Report, Jan.-Feb. 1998


Review of Then, A Thousand Crows by Keith Ratzlaff, Mennonite Quarterly Review, July 2011. (Scroll down three pages.)


"Becoming a Dismantling Community," Vision: A Journal for Church and Society, Fall 2019. 

"Live Your Animal: Carl Jung and the Anabaptists," Mennonite Life 2023 (vol. 77).



"My Brothers Taught Me to Lead," "Probe on Occupation" and "hands" in Mennonite Life (pages 29–31), December 1993.

"Not of this World," "Say Yes Quickly," "Instructions," and "The Woman with the Screw in Her Mouth Speaks," A Cappella: Mennonite Voices in Poetry (pages 124-26), edited by Ann Hostetler, University of Iowa Press, 2003. 

"Poetry as Contemplation" (essay) and several poems written for Advent, Center for Mennonite Writing Journal, May 2011 (vol. 3, no. 3). (Click + sign by "Literary Art in Worship.")


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